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Neck Pain

Sudden onset of neck pain:

  •  I recommend using ice for severe pain episodes.
  • Heat is better for moderate or mild pain episodes. 
  • Can’t turn your head? Moist heat for 15 min.
  • Discontinue sports and activities with high velocity movements until further notice
  • Do not put your head back into sink at hairdressers.
  • Even with neck pain, avoid high heeled shoes.
  • Avoid overhead activities
  • Avoid rapid neck movement, like I have to tell you that. 
  • Lay with your head off the edge of a bed slightly to get some mild extension in the neck while still maintaining support from the mattress. Rest in this position for 10 minutes and slide yourself back on the bed instead of lifting your head out of this extended position.

To Maintain Good Neck Mechanics

  • Do not bend at the waist to blow dry hair
  • Do not sleep on stomach. Sleep on back or side with hips and knees slightly flexed
  • Do not watch TV in bed or laying down on sofa with head propped up
  • Pillow should keep head aligned with torso. Use one pillow.
  • Carry bags with your hands and not with your shoulder
  • Change positions if working at a desk for long periods of time.
  • Computer monitor should be elevated closer to eye level.
  • When you can graduate can use heat, use moist heat and not a dry heating pad.
  • Drive, when you can safely, with your head supported against the headrest of the car.
  • Never cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder